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A full meal menu for a high tea might include stuffed mushrooms, sausage rolls, quiche, dolmades, baked Brie and other cheeses with crackers, fruit tartlets, petits fours, cakes, and pastries.

A menu for a low tea can include finger sandwiches which will need to be served after assembly.  Egg salad, chicken salad, watercress, cucumbers and assorted pastries.
The food served at a tea party is as varied as the themes, settings, occasion, and formality.  The menu needs to be planned well in advance of the party.  To save time, most items can be made up to several days in advance.

Some guests like to bring cookies, tea breads, or other tea treats that keep and transport easily.
Whether your tea party is formal or informal, you can use loose-leaf tea or bagged tea.  Note:  For loose-leaf tea, an infuser will need to be provided to each guest to prevent loose-leaf tea from entering teacups.

For a high tea, serve traditional black teas (Earl Grey, Darjeeling, and Prince of Wales) are good choices.  Not everyone enjoys the same kind of tea.  Include a wide variety of teas (herbals, whites, greens, and blacks).
Use imagination in creating the invitations for the tea party and mail at least a month in advance.  Decide if you want to use prepackaged, handwritten on blank cards, or computer generated cards, also include a stamped RSVP card requesting return two weeks before the party.
First things first.  Set the date and theme.  Decide what size party and create the guest list.  A journal is a good place to record and keep track of RSVPs as they arrive.

After the RSVPs are finalized, it is time to start planning the details such as the decor, location, table settings, food, and the type of tea that will be served. 
Keeping a journal of checklists will help plan the next event!
What kind of theme?  The traditional tea party style with lace and fine china for table settings, loose tea or old fashioned recipes. A modern tea party with bright colors,  unusual foods and lovely. organized trays with a variety of tea bags.

There are numerous details to remember in planning a tea party.  A journal is an excellent choice in recording decorating ideas, recipes, and guest list. 

The tea party journal becomes the guidebook to create the next special party. 

Plan a casual tea party affair to connect mothers and daughters or old friends to reconnect. This is a perfect  opportunity to slow down from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

A casual tea can be held at any time of day offering sandwiches, pastries, and sweets.

High teas are traditionally formal.  High teas are held late in the afternoon or early evening and is a full meal in itself with savory courses. Pastries and desserts are served in addition to tea.
A tea party is one of the most adaptable, special, social events you can plan.  Share a cup of tea and some "sweet treats" with a best friend or a formal tea for honored guests.

Celebrate a wonderful event such as an engagement, a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or a special birthday with a formal, afternoon high tea.

At this formal, afternoon tea, guests are to wear their best hats and gloves! 
Giving a tea party is a wonderful tradition that dates back centuries and yet can be as new and fresh as you want to make it today or tomorrow.  A tea party creates time to celebrate family and friendships and make memories that will last a lifetime.